The history of Katinique - Archimede

 KATINIQUE sprl is a Belgian company, founded in 1989.
 Under the trademark ARCHIMEDE ®, the company has
 launched with success an original product:
 the "buoyancy swimsuit". As an original idea, the swimsuit is
 fitted with floats that keep the body afloat and enable the child to
 coordinate its movements. It helps the child to really feel
 comfortable in water and to learn to swim.
 In 1997, the company developed a new product for babies: the
 "double protection" swimsuit, an anti-leak swimsuit replacing the
 nappies or diapers.

 The range of products has been filled out with clothing
 accessories that are still related to the core product line, such as
 beach shoes, hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, ... all matching the
 For Australia the brand Archimede is distributed by Glöer Mobil
 Service GmbH & Co KG, who is the owner of this website.

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Last changes 18th october 2006

ARCHIMEDE  is a high-quality and exclusive European beach fashion brand for boys and girls between 0 to 18 years of age. The brand has had great successes in Europe over the past years for their high quality and sophisticated design.

In Europe, ARCHIMEDE is famous for its buoancy swimsuit (distributed since 1989 as a swim-trainer for children) and for its "double protection shorts" for babies("anti-leakage"-swimsuit). The collection steadily grows by adding supplementary items.

Spirit of the collection:
The Archimede summer-collection is seperated into different worlds: “the beach” and “the town”
The BEACH ...
since 1989, with the buoyancy, anti-leakage swimsuits for babies and special high chlorine resitant costumes, not to forget the UV protection suits, a range of swimsuits and trunks for girls and boys from 0 to 18 with all the coordinated acessoires.
The TOWN...
to complete the seaside resort range, ARCHIMEDE has created a fresh and colorful collection in perfect harmony with its beach style: dresses, pants, shorts, shoes, shirts and also jeans can be found as well as sunglasses, necklasses and other acessoires.

High quality

Sophisticated design


Maximum comfort